Expat Living – Ballin on a Budget in Bangkok


Our trip to Bangkok was excellent!  I celebrated my 34th birthday AND Winston flew out to meet us!

Winston’s here!

Initially, Cam and I were supposed to travel to Thailand on our own, but Winston decided to join the trip and spend a few months here with us.  This was a HUGE birthday surprise when he announced he would be meeting us in Bangkok!  It’s such a blessing to have my best friend join me in my world travels! Having a travel mate has it’s perks, especially when it comes to splitting the expenses!

With Winston joining us, we decided to search for a bigger accommodation in Bangkok at the last minute.


Let me be honest, I do not like trip planning.  It gives me anxiety!

The goal is NOT to spend a lot of time booking flights and hotels, but when our duo turned into a trio, I wanted us to have more space.  Hotel rentals, specifically 2 bedroom or family style rooms were scarce due to the high travel season.

I lucked up when I found this awesome deal on Booking.com for the 2 bedroom , 2 bath grand suite at Waterford Diamond Tower in Bangkok.

Guess how much it cost for the entire weekend?


It’s located near Sukhumvit 30 near the Bangkok train line.   Traffic in Bangkok is ridiculous so I highly suggest staying near the train. Use the train as your primary mode of transportation and you will have a much smoother trip!



If you’re looking for a short term rental with lots of space for a large group or family, check out our video for a tour of our 2 bedroom apartment rental for the weekend in Bangkok!

Have you traveled to Bangkok? What was your favorite thing about visiting the city? Comment below! Feel free to email me for any additional questions about becoming location independent and for expat advice!

Peace & Good Vibes

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